boredom is about the place, not the person

don’t you love being bored? sitting there like a lost puppy not wanting to be found, but not wanting to run away?  me too. it’s up there with torture.

but if you’re getting bored, like i was before writing this post, take a look around. where are you? the same place you always are on a wednesday afternoon? the same city you’ve been in your entire life? it’s no wonder we run out of engagements if we mine from the same pit all the time.

so here it is. if you find yourself bored as a wooden plank in a scrap pile, this is what you need to do:


just get up and walk out. you know why people were so productive and powerful in the mid-20th century? smoke breaks. no, the toxic tobacco and nicotine aren’t what i’m talking about. it’s the action of removing oneself from an environment to do nothing. once we start moving away from what we’re used to, we begin to wake ourselves up again. it’s instinct. your mind wants to understand what’s happening around your body to be aware of any danger. this awareness is crucial to getting back in touch with your willpowered-up alter ego.

you should leave right now. i’ve gotten my point across so i’d rather you head out and experience this rush of present-moment-attentiveness than bore yourself with my prose.

if you do happen to stay, let’s take ourselves through a scenario in the first-person.

i’m sitting here at my desk and i’m bored. there’s no one around to talk to. it’s quiet. it’s lonely. there’s nothing pressing on my plate to tackle.

now problem-solve that paragraph of monotone drab.

why don’t you stand up and stretch? why don’t you call up a family member or friend for a quick game of catch-up? why don’t you put some music on? why don’t you see if anyone around you could use a helping hand?

now i have options. if you’re bored, don’t drill the “i should be”s and the “i need to”s into your brain because it’s simply going to text back “l8r”. approach yourself with questions instead. these questions can spike curiosity and since we don’t like unknowns, you’ll start looking for answers. BAM. on your way out of the vicious cycle of boredom.

yes, i’m often a hypocrite, but today i wasn’t. just ten minutes ago, after that last paragraph, i tried what i typed. i went outside, talked with my sister on the phone, talked with a coworker in person, used the bathroom, and made coffee.

how do i feel?

energized. i haven’t even drank the coffee yet either. all those little unknowns lifted me like a caring mother lifts her newborn baby and tucked me back into my groove. i now plan on personalizing my blog page and typing an essay for school. and i’m honestly looking forward to it.

you’re probably bored by now, so leave this blog. i’ll be okay.


– D K T



life ends. why pretend

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