the overflowing bathroom tub

there’s this compelling, irresistible call to action that i experience from time to time. in these excited moments, life is not a mere passage of time nor a drain of energy. it’s a calling to greatness. whether this is actually a little bit of mania, or the result of caffeine, is unknown. but the feelingContinue reading “the overflowing bathroom tub”

the authenticity of instinct and adaptation

it’s moments like these when the purpose of this blog truly shines. this compositional practice is meant to be personal and exploratory, not broad and general (although some sentiments may feel that way to you). on a day like today, when i question the path i’m choosing to take, i have this space to slowContinue reading “the authenticity of instinct and adaptation”

boredom is about the place, not the person

don’t you love being bored? sitting there like a lost puppy not wanting to be found, but not wanting to run away?  me too. it’s up there with torture. but if you’re getting bored, like i was before writing this post, take a look around. where are you? the same place you always are onContinue reading “boredom is about the place, not the person”