a calendar of todays and tomorrows

as the clock approaches midnight, so too does my threat level. it’s been a quick ascent to the month of march. it’s naturally a month where the cold, beaten earth summons the courage for one more year. this habit of renewal reflects a thoughtful lesson. if nature has the will to grow from it’s frozenContinue reading “a calendar of todays and tomorrows”

the overflowing bathroom tub

there’s this compelling, irresistible call to action that i experience from time to time. in these excited moments, life is not a mere passage of time nor a drain of energy. it’s a calling to greatness. whether this is actually a little bit of mania, or the result of caffeine, is unknown. but the feelingContinue reading “the overflowing bathroom tub”

clinging to control

my fixations on work, hobbies, music, school, perfection, after-school activities, pressures, expectations, scores, streaks, and literary functions are all especially demanding. i think i like to spread myself thin and expose the brain to both ends of the earth. however, i’d like to believe there’s a second motivation. along with the pleasure gained by knowingContinue reading “clinging to control”