leave it to the mentally eviscerated kid

integrate a better way to seal off the lid

i got so many sick thoughts

high quantity

low cost

archive’s getting kind of big

praying to the creativity to light a wick

then i found out being validated will pick

at the layers of hypocrites

microchips in my lips

depart from what i equipped

don’t trust what you click

even if it comes from me

it’s a trick

looking for the funds

face numb like a brick in a city slum

crumbling at the flick of a triggered gun

some guys hold nothing but lies

while others embrace virtue

which one am i

fruit flies got numerous eyes

so maybe i’m both

but humans pick a side

– D K T



barely get a break

even when i do

it’s about as short as my revenue

my mind’s like an artificial doomsday

someone set it loose

too intelligent to switch off

feathers grew

now it can evade

when my pellets shoot

bound to feel the torment when i unmute

i take minimums and get a truth based

in peer review

but my method doesn’t follow through

the kettle blew

– D K T


someday will be the last yesterday

when that time finally comes

do i beg my case

minor extension to venerate

my support with a bow along

center stage

i thought i was genuine

but i think i ruin

the reputation i’m imbuing

i eat what i cook

but soon after i get caught

puking up cumin

stomach aches

nothing more than a nuisance

i mean it’s not lupus

i’d handle it if i was Buddhist

don’t say that enlightment

won’t block the pain

my hubris is clueless

feed me a dream

i don’t care if your boot’s in my mouth

i’ll take a shot at some grout

if you can call it that

others aren’t so proud

when an illusion is vowed

– D K T


don’t elect me

skip to the next candidate

i would do a great job

but i’m not a man of faith just yet

except if you count a foxhole prayer

then plan a date

i’ll connect with ships that are wrecked

land a base

save a group of crazies

i won’t let the candle waste wax when

a gentle approach can fan their flame

make it saturate

i like nurture over nature

barely any anger in a preservation

but it’s ancient in a manger

gas lives in a crater

but feed a gallon of it to a tank

it’ll kill a raider

rainfall’s water catered

but i get impatient and feel indignation

when the wait is a little later

why bow to a glacier

if it gets in the way of what i bank

schedule its erasure

– D K T