cold case closed

found bloody clothes in the trunk

of an old piece of junk

beat up who i once was

put them in a hospital bunk

i wouldn’t feel sorry for the chump

they wrote fake notes

tried to expose every runt

for the thrill of the hunt

took a threaded lug nut

tightened with a hammer and wondered

why the bolts couldn’t make a test run

not fair to be picking on the young

i wouldn’t dare

i was 20 + 1

plenty old enough to hear

all the tall tales sung

to separate real

from gold-plated dung

if my chair had coerced me to budge

stung like a flare

an electrified nudge

then i might’ve gotten steered

to a pain-free grudge

avoided my plea

been clean of the sludge

– D K T



life ends. why pretend

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